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    Commercial food and health & safety

Your responsibilities

As a business you are responsible by law for meeting the necessary health and safety standards and procedures. See Bury Council - Health and safety for further information about your responsibilities.

If you store, prepare, distribute or sell food on premises then you also have a legal requirement to register your business and comply with relevant food safety and hygiene regulations. For further information, or to register your business go to: Gov.uk - Food business registration.

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COVID-19 Small Business Grant Scheme

Check for eligibility and confirm your bank details on the Bury Council - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - business grants.

  • £10,000 grant for occupied business premises in receipt of small business rates relief.
  • £25,000 grant to retail, hospitality and leisure businesses with rateable values between £15,000 and £51,000.

Improve your business compliance and reputation - how we can help

Our team of highly trained and qualified Health & Safety professionals can provide bespoke assistance to your food hygiene or health and safety concerns. From training to new business reviews, go to Bury Council - Health and safety.