• Planning Services: Development Management

    We are committed to providing an efficient and effective planning service

We cannot under estimate the impact that planning has upon our everyday lives. It affects the homes we live in, the buildings we work in, the places we shop at and even the open spaces we enjoy. These are all affected by planning decisions. Without a planning system everyone could construct buildings or use land in any way they wanted, no matter what effect this would have on other people who live and work in their area.

Most new buildings or major changes to existing buildings or to the local environment need planning permission. The local planning authority is responsible for deciding whether a development - anything from an extension on a house to a new shopping centre - should go ahead. Certain changes of land/building use - e.g. if the changes are within the same use class - don't need planning permission. Also, some minor building works - known as permitted development - are automatically allowed.

We are committed to providing an efficient and effective planning service which meets government performance targets for the processing of applications.

We recognise the value of pre-application discussions for the efficient handling of subsequent applications and therefore encourage applicants, developers and their agents to engage in this process. This is particularly useful on major development proposals.

The Development Management Team operates on an appointment only basis. If you wish to visit us please make an appointment with one of our case officers.

interesting fact

Bury has retained purple flag status for the last three years. Areas awarded with a Purple Flag are recognised for providing a vibrant and diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture while promoting the safety and well-being of visitors and local residents.