• Building thriving local economies

    Bury has been chosen as the first pilot area for Barclays Thriving Local Economies Project.

Update 22 December 2021: This page is out of date and will be reviewed in January 2022

Bury has been chosen as Barclays 'metropolitan pilot', in the Building Thriving Local Economies project, which will take place in four pilot areas across the country, each with different economic characteristics. Bury was chosen because it is broadly typical of its kind of place based on metrics across income, employment, educational attainment and business start-up levels.

Launched in September 2018 and running for five years, Barclays will work with local stakeholders to help identify the drivers of, and barriers to, local economic success in different parts of the country through four pilot areas.

LifeSkills Employability Programme

Students from across 11 schools have been supported by Barclays mentors in acquiring the financial capability, employability and practical skills to build their future as they move through education.

The LifeSkills programme worked with Looked After Children and Year 9 students over six months, who were performing below their target level.  They were given the tools and knowledge to develop the core transferable skills such as problem solving and creativity, that employers need to support them in building an enterprising mindset.

Scale up scholarships

As part of their wider commitment to help build a Thriving Local Economy in Bury, Barclays funded four scholarships for local businesses in 2019 to the Cambridge University Judge Business School Scale Up UK programme.

Barclays Scale Up UK aims to enhance the performance and competitiveness of high-potential early-stage businesses with growth appetite as well as growth potential that are deemed to be engines of growth in the UK. The programme is designed to support the companies by helping them formulate, articulate and implement a growth plan for their business through defining and articulating the business value proposition, designing a sustainable business model, enhancing operational and leadership capabilities and strengthening financial literacy.

Building Thriving Local Economies business events

Bury Council, working with Barclays and the GC Business Growth Hub have hosted a series of free business events for local business owners, bringing some of the best speakers from around the region to Bury to speak on a wide range of subjects from business finance, to manufacturing with graphene.



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