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    Phase 3 applications are now closed

    Information and documentation for Bury Council Additional Restrictions Grant. Applications are closed

Page updated 27 May 2021.

Applications now CLOSED

The closing date for applications was 23:59 30 April 2021 - Applications submitted after this time may be declined except in exceptional circumstances.

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Bury Council Additional Restrictions Grant Phase 3

The funding options were as follows:

  • Safe reopening fund
  • Recovery expertise fund
  • Town and district centre independent retail support fund
  • Tourism and culture fund
  • Community facilities, social enterprises and charitable organisations fund

Some successful applicants under phase 1 and phase 2 were paid support payments for the period 23 October 2020 to 12 April 2021 - if you are a new applicant, you may be eligible to apply for a retrospective support payment.

The following information may be useful in relation to your application:

You can no longer access our Application Guidance page or the Application form at this time.




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Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG)

Check your eligibility and find out how to apply:

LRSG Info page

  • Payments to businesses forced to close due to local/national restrictions
  • Payments to businesses open but, severely impacted due to local restrictions


If your enquiry is about the scheme generally, email investin@bury.gov.uk.

If you enquiry is about your application, email argrant@bury.gov.uk with your application reference and business name in the email subject.

We expect to receive a high volume of applicants. For this reason, we will not respond to any individual requests for updates within 3 weeks of an application being submitted. We will prioritise the processing of applications in all circumstances.

Please be aware that multiple enquiries prevent a quick turnaround of processed applications.

Please be patient when waiting for a response.

We will continue to keep the Additional Restrictions Grant under review. When changes occur to government guidance or changes occur to Local COVID Alert Levels we will exercise our discretion to make changes accordingly. We will continue to lobby Government for wider business support.

Government Guidance

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) supports businesses that are not covered by other grant schemes or where additional funding is needed.

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) provides local councils with grant funding to support closed businesses that do not directly pay business rates as well as businesses that do not have to close but which are impacted.

Local councils have the freedom to determine the eligibility criteria for these grants.

Businesses excluded from the scheme

You cannot get funding if:

  • your business is in administration, insolvent or has been struck off the Companies House register
  • you have exceeded the permitted state aid threshold

You must notify your local council if your situation changes and you no longer meet the eligibility criteria. For example, you become insolvent.

The Government has given discretion to local councils to deliver this fund. Government guidance is available however, while this guidance has influenced Bury Council's scheme, there will be some key local exclusions from the outset.

See Gov.uk - Check if you're eligible for the coronavirus Additional Restrictions Grant.

Bury Council will keep this scheme under constant review. As changes to government guidance occur and as changes to Local COVID Alert Levels occur, we will use our discretion to make changes to this scheme accordingly.

Bury Means Business: COVID19 Help Local Restrictions Support Grant
Local Restrictions Support Grant

Local Restrictions Support Grants provide financial help to businesses affected by local and national lockdowns.