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Bury Means Business

Bury Council is committed to working together with our local businesses to ensure we have a strong, successful and thriving business base. We want established and incoming businesses to grow and prosper - and our role is to help to ensure that happens.

Bury is a Metropolitan district of Greater Manchester and in addition to the town of Bury itself also includes the diverse and distinctive towns of Radcliffe, Whitefield, Prestwich, Ramsbottom and Tottington. We are an integral part of Greater Manchester, thereby benefiting from the investment opportunities available within the city region.

To find out more about Greater Manchester's long-term policy priorities to help guide industrial development and provide a plan for good jobs and growth in Greater Manchester, take a look at GMCA - Greater Manchester's Local Industrial Strategy

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Bury Connected

Bury benefits from excellent transport links. Getting to Bury couldn't be easier. The borough sits at the heart of the North West motorway network and is integral to the Greater Manchester Metrolink network - just twenty five minutes from the heart of Manchester. The airport is just thirty minutes drive from Bury and can also be easily accessed via public transport.

Bury Skilled

If you are looking to access a skilled labour force, then look no further. Bury is home to some of the finest educational facilities in the country. Secondary schools in the borough are amongst the best performing in the North West and investment in excess of £40m has enabled the provision of additional state of the art facilities at Holy Cross and Bury Colleges. One of Bury's main strength's lies in the skills of its residents. Overall the resident skill level exceeds the Greater Manchester average.

Bury Supportive

Bury Council has a dedicated team to support businesses across the borough. We extend a warm welcome to employers large and small who want to invest in Bury. Business growth means our residents can access enhanced employment opportunities, which means more money in the local economy and improved quality of life. We want all our residents to benefit from economic growth and we acknowledge the key role business growth and entrepreneurship play in making that happen.

Bury the Place

Not only do we have a fantastic blend of town and country, one of the best retail offers outside the city centre, competitive and attractive housing stock, highly skilled residents: we also have some fantastic investment opportunities. If you're looking for excellent connectivity, highly skilled people, a desirable place to live surrounded by beautiful countryside and an excellent leisure offer, Bury has it all, because Bury Means Business.