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What is the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter?

The Charter was developed through a process of co-design, involving the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), all GM districts, Trade Unions and employers and employees from all sectors.

The Charter aims to improve employment standards across all GM employers regardless of size, sector or geography.

The GM Good Employment Charter has a tiered structure, made up of Supporters, Members and Advocates. Organisations can register their interest now in becoming a Supporter of the Charter. Later, Supporters will be able to become Members and Advocates.

By progressing up the tiers, organisations will be able to meet higher employment standards, learn from best practice, and improve productivity and service quality.

The Charter is a journey, rather than an assessment at a single point in time


Supporters of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter subscribe to the following charter:

"As a Greater Manchester employer, we are proud to support Greater Manchester's 'Good Employment Charter'. Working alongside the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the Local Enterprise Partnership, and other key organisations in our City Region, we have a shared ambition of creating good jobs for all, with real opportunities to help people progress, develop and contribute to our thriving regional economy."

"By supporting the Charter, we demonstrate our commitment to become one of the best places to live, work and play in the world. We are a member of a forward-thinking business community, which champions responsible employment practices and supports sustainable growth."

"We fully support the Charter's seven 'Good Employment Principles' which set out what good employment practice, effective employee engagement and good and fair employment looks like. These are dynamic and will evolve as more organisations get involved and different approaches are recognised."

For more information about the charter, and to register your interest visit: Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter