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Bury Council is committed to supporting young people make informed decisions about their post education destinations. Complimenting the high school curriculum, Backing Young Bury has created an Offer to Schools Menu, consisting of career and work educational activities, which support young people to ready themselves for adult life and the world of work.

The Offer to Schools Menu has been incentivised, offering schools a £1,000 budget to be spent on selected career and work education activities after hosting an apprenticeship session.

The menu offers Bury high schools to access numerous activities, including interactive workshops, presentations and events, which are provided by the following partners:

  • Bury Council
  • Bury Business Leadership Group
  • Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network
  • Digital Futures
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • STEAM School
  • Salford Foundation
  • Inspiring IAG
  • Bridge GM
  • STEM Ambassadors
  • The Challenge
  • The Growth Company
  • The Manchester College
  • The Prince's Trust
  • Connexions

Employers in Education

The local, regional and national business community consistently comment that students do not have the necessary transferable skills and experiences suited to their workforce needs. Similarly, many employers, across sectors and the UK, struggle to fill vacancies and identify suitable young talent.

In response, to support local employers, the Bury Business Leadership Group has created the Employers in Education activity. This activity, which brokers opportunities for businesses to engage local high school students, aims to raise the profile of growth and underrepresented sectors struggling to recruit and retain young talent.

Employers are invited to get involved, by completing the online form. Further information about the Employers in Education activity can be viewed within the accompanying file.